When it comes to setting your dealership apart from your competition, there are a lot of routes you can take. While you may not know everything about your competitors and how they run their dealerships, industry knowledge will provide you with some good insight. Taking this into account, here are some ways that you can differentiate your dealership from the others.

The first thing you can do is stay informed of what customers like and don’t like. Like how Kinetic works to anticipate dealer pain points to relieve them with floorplanning solutions, how can you do the same for your potential customers?

Buying a car is a big step for most people, whether it’s their first vehicle or the time has come for them to upgrade to something different. How can you make the process as smooth as possible?

A tell-tale way to know what customers think is to read your competitors’ reviews. While it is beneficial to read your reviews, it’s also beneficial to read the reviews of others.

Ask yourself: does your dealership do any of the negative things that are mentioned in other reviews? If so, how can you take action to make sure potential customers don’t have the same experience with your business?

Another way you can set your dealership apart is to be relatable. When people can relate to someone or something, it allows them to establish trust. If your potential customers can see glimpses of themselves in you or in how you are tailoring the customer experience, it can greatly impact dealership success. It can keep them coming back for future purchases and encourage them to refer friends and family members.

This brings me to my next point… a referral program! Or something adjacent to it. Consider ways to implement services or incentives that will surprise your customers. Something that they might not expect to receive from a dealership but would be more than happy to have.

Whether it’s a drawing to win a gift or prize, or a new phone charger with the purchase of a newer vehicle. You spend time around your customers every day, so take some time to anticipate what might be the cherry on top of an already great experience for them.

In an industry where it can be a task to stand out, remember that it isn’t impossible. You can be a standout, and all it takes is some thought and effort. So, how are you going to set your dealership apart?

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