Consumer Loan Payoffs & Buybacks

Consumer Loan Payoffs & Buybacks


Send an email to dealers@kineticadvantage with:

  • Copy of bill of sale / purchase agreement
  • Dealer’s power of attorney with consumer
  • Official payoff quote from the consumer finance lender

For the quickest processing time, please submit all required documents in your email request.

Then What Happens?

We will send the payoff check to the lender. You’ll receive a Consumer Loan Payoff email confirmation to let you know that the unit has been floored and funds are on the way!

Please Note:

Title must be received by Kinetic Advantage at the address below within 30 days from the date of submission.

Kinetic Advantage
10333 N Meridian St, Suite 130
Carmel, IN 46290

If we do not receive the original title and paperwork within 30 days, we will request your assistance to follow up with the lender.

If the consumer loan payoff or buyback amount is more than the value of the vehicle, we will require approval to buy down the loan accordingly before it can be approved.