Dealer and auction partner relationships traditionally involve a lot of engagement and personal interaction. It’s a part of what makes the auction experience enjoyable for everyone involved, so the thought of digital auctions might seem scary for those who tend to favor the traditional route.

The pandemic forced many auctions to think of new ways to service dealers, without having them physically all in one place. Though we are two years post-Covid-19, digital auctions are one of the changes that are going to stick around. Check out these reasons why you should give them a try:

More Bang for Your Buck
Usually, online auctions can be managed with fewer fees. Larger auctions may wave bidding fees, and transaction fees are lower on successful bids. The car itself is already an investment, so any money that you can save is important.

Online Means More Options
There is a wide variety of inventory available at your fingertips. Online auctions cover more territory, and you’re able to see all of it right from your computer or mobile device. There are some online auctions that update hundreds to thousands of listings every day. This is an opportunity to see listings that aren’t native to your location.

No Crowd, No Chaos
Traditional auctions are very crowded. The environment can be intense, and not for all personality types. It’s loud and rowdy, and for people that aren’t used to that environment, it can be uncomfortable. Digital auctions remove that component. There are no crowds to push through or contend with. You can make your bids in the environment you choose.

While traditional auctions will always be a staple in this industry, digital auctions offer some flexibility and incentives that are very attractive. When the time comes for you to attend an auction again, consider a digital auction. You might be surprised by what you find!

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