Reviews and an overview of CarOffer’s Buying Matrix

About CarOffer

About CarOffer

Launched in August 2019, CarOffer provides a unique approach to online auctions. In fact, CarOffer is more of an “instant trade platform” than it is a traditional auction, where inventory is sourced from a large network of dealers.

With over 13,000 dealers in its network (as of January, 2024), CarOffer’s BuyingMatrix™ technology allows dealers to:

  • Create a custom buy order
  • Allow the system to source

  • Adjust at any time

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Reviews of Car Offer

Reviews of Car Offer

“I absolutely love the relationship I have with CarOffer. David and his team are always doing whatever it takes to help us acquire the right inventory for my market. Keep up the great work guys as I know you take as much pride as we do in our success.”

– Bob W.
(via Google Reviews)

“Had the best experience. They offered much higher than any other “instant offer” site. Uploaded my license/registration/odometer and within 72 hours car was picked up. Paid the same day. A++ would highly recommend.”

via Reddit

“I absolutely love how CarOffer makes buying and selling my cars as easy a two or three clicks of the mouse! …It’s a premium purchase experience that is priceless for any automotive company!”

Anthony R.
via Google Reviews

“We’ve primarily used CarOffer to acquire inventory. We’ve purchased over 70 units through the platform in the last couple of months and found it to be a fantastic new way to source upstream vehicles.”

Mike M.
via CarOffer’s website

“CarOffer has been a very helpful and time saving company for our dealership. We are able to sell cars while CarOffer works for us in the background to acquire new inventory.”

Brent M.
via Google Reviews

“The offers we get for our vehicles are almost always above market values. The process is simple and easy to use, and the team is very professional which makes the whole experience even smoother.”

Boris T.
via CarOffer’s website

“Very positive experience. Great platform, incredibly knowledgeable performance manager. Purchased 60 cars in March. It works as advertised. Highly recommended!”

Jim M.
via Google Reviews

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A Review of CarOffer’s BuyingMatrix

A Review of CarOffer’s BuyingMatrix

“CarOffer’s BuyingMatrix™ technology automatically fulfills your orders based on your customizable buying preferences, saving you major time and money in the long run.”


Create a Custom Buy Order
Let CarOffer know the model and year of the cars you’re looking for, and how many of those vehicles you need. Input what you’re willing to spend for your desired vehicles.

Allow the System to Source
CarOffer matches your buy order to dealers who have what you’re looking for. The system will place offers until the vehicles have been matched and your quotas are fulfilled.

Adjust at Any Time
Have your eyes set on a newer vehicle? Want to adjust your pricing inputs? The BuyingMatrix™ platform allows you to continually customize your preferences to match your current needs.

Cristian Acosta
Cristian Acosta
I understand Caroffer process thanks to our rep Michael he always was there to take care about our needs to sell and buy vehicles easily.
Samy Asaad
Samy Asaad
to my rep Mike Crow, what an amazing guy, always followed up with me on every deal. always sent emails on my inventory with the best cars I had in stock and most profitable. Mike thank you so much for being the best rep I can have.
Max Angus
Max Angus
I've been working with DJ for about a year, closing above 60% on transactions. Easy to use and effective tool for adding cars to inventory.
Tod Pennington
Tod Pennington
I have worked with Car Offer for several years now. The last year and a half Terra Goodfellow has been my account rep and the level of service she has given has been outstanding. She is always available (has even taken my calls when she is out of the office). She has been incredibly helpful and insightful.
Bob Winnett
Bob Winnett
I absolutely love the relationship I have with CarOffer. David and his team are always doing whatever it takes to help us acquire the right inventory for my market. Keep up the great work guys as I know you take as much pride as we do in our success.

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