Reviews and an overview of Alliance Auto Auction

About Alliance Auto Auction

About Alliance Auto Auction

Founded in Texas in 2011, Alliance Auto Auction is a growing family of auctions providing vehicle remarketing services to wholesale dealers.

Dealers can bid online or visit any one of Alliance Auto Auction’s in-person locations throughout Texas. Alliance holds weekly sales every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Read on to hear more about customer reviews of Alliance Auto Auction.

Bid Online or Visit Any One of Five Auction Locations:

  • Abilene
    6657 US Hwy 80 West
    Abilene, TX 79605

  • Dallas
    9426 Lakefield Blvd
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Longview
    6000 SE Loop 281
    Longview, TX 75602
  • Austin
    61550 CR 107
    Hutto, TX 78634
  • Waco
    15735 N. I-35 Frontage Rd.
    Elm Mott, TX 76640

Reviews of Alliance Auto Auction

Reviews of Alliance Auto Auction

“Trina is our best sales rep and she really takes care of us everyday of the week, not just sales days! She is a definite asset buying or selling.”

– Joel L.
(via Google Reviews, Alliance Auto Auction Waco)

“Real people answer the phone and meet you when you walk in. Questions are answered with a smile, new dealer mistakes were handled with a laugh, and you really feel like these people want my business.”

Brian R
via Google Reviews, Alliance Auto Auction Longview

“First time at this place. I picked up a vehicle. I had no problems. The people in the office are awesome and the lady at the gate was also.”

Mel V
via Google Reviews, Alliance Auto Auction Abilene

“Lots of cars!”

Tony W.
via Google Reviews, Alliance Auto Auction Dallas

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In the Words of Alliance Auto Auction – Digital Sales

“Alliance Auto Auction works with your dealership to list your aged front-line inventory on the platforms of your choice by using your current inventory provider’s data feed at no cost to you.

After our normal in-lane sale, we also will take your no-sale inventory and post it on various online platforms, so it doesn’t sit idle. This effectively turns every day into sale day.”


Holly Cech
Holly Cech
Best Auto Auction in the metroplex! Trustworthy, hardworking, and dedicated to keeping a professional relationship! I love this team!!
Fay M
Fay M
Always easy & quick to get a car out of here & be on my way!
It was a very good experience I found just what I was looking for at an awesome price
Andrea Walker
Andrea Walker
Great people, Randi is the best for all of your sales needs!
Jaron Reed
Jaron Reed
Have dealt with Alliance Longview for almost 3 years now. They always stand behind their customers and appreciate each and everyone of us. Billy, Randi, and just about everyone else have always been understanding and problem solving. Truly appreciate each and every one of you. Thank y'all again.
I've had the pleasure of working with Tammie Wade, a sales rep at Alliance Auto Auction, for quite some time now, and I must say that she continues to impress me with her exceptional service. Tammie's dedication, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made my experience at Alliance Auto Auction truly remarkable. Best sales rep!
Nowadays most auctions have shied away from being dealer friendly. Not Alliance Auto Auction. They still treat every dealer like real people. Customer service here is excellent. I have known and done business with April for over 25 years. Tammie is just as good and helpful as she can be. Both of them are the best in the business. Always available when I need anything. That’s why all my cars go to Alliance. From the the front counter, to the guys checking in cars in the back, you won’t get a better experience anywhere else.
Randy Cash
Randy Cash
Alliance Auto Auction - Austin is one of the best auto auctions I've done business with. The staff is amazing. April and Tammie are so easy to work with! I highly recommend using their services! Randy Cash, General Manager, Apple Lease Returns Austin
David B. Watson
David B. Watson
What a great group, April the Sales Manager gets my cars checked in and works hard to get them sold. Jennifer takes care of all my title work which makes my life easier. It's kinda like one BIG family. They even meet you at the front door to greet you. All the staff is friendly and have their doors always open.
Rocky Campbell
Rocky Campbell
Kristen and her crew at Alliance Auto Auction in Longview is the best when it comes to customer satisfaction. Again thanks for all your help.
Rick Story
Rick Story
The nicest people I've dealt with at an auction storage place. I go all over America, and I've never had such good service. It really makes a driver's job easy when the people are thoughtful and considerate. Five stars plus!
Great place to do business. Trina is the best sales rep. that I have ever done business with. Thanks Alliance!!!!
Joel Landingham
Joel Landingham
Trina is our best sales rep and she really takes care of us everyday of the week, not just sales days! She is a definite asset buying or selling.
Marc K.
Marc K.
I’ve been going to Alliance for about a year. I found that the experience is a cut above even Manheim. It is truly a family oriented, personable, friendly staff. Even though I am a smaller dealer and don’t run many cars or make many purchases, my rep Paul treats me like I’m one of the big boys. Thanks a lot for remembering my name and answering my calls with any questions and concerns I’ve had. Robert the general manager makes sure to say hello to me every time I come and the ladies at the desk remember my dealership name when I go to get my badge printed out. Andrew is the man that oversees the lot and he make sure that any issues I have are always addressed. I’m very thankful that alliance auto auction is so close to where I live and easy to work with. I look forward to Wednesday each week and often go even if I’m not planning to buy anything. I always end up coming home with something though.
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds
Opened up my small dealership and the people at Alliance Auto Auction in Longview were the first auction I dealt with professionally. They have (and Dallas too) spoiled me for all others.Real people answer the phone and meet you when you walk in. Questions are answered with a smile, new dealer mistakes were handled with a laugh, and you really feel like these people want my business. By far my favorite wholesale organization.

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