How a Dealer Floorplan Can Offer You Flexibility

Floorplan financing allows independent car dealers access to credit lines. When we dig a little deeper, we discover the many other ways in which a floorplan can be beneficial to dealers. Dealers who have experience in the industry or dealers that are just getting started. Floorplan lenders like Kinetic Advantage offer much more than just lines of credit.

As a leading floorplan lender, we can offer flexibility when it comes to using a line of credit. Our terms and conditions are customized to meet your needs. When you succeed, we succeed. A large part of that is staying in constant communication with our dealer partners and making sure their plan works for them.

Should their needs or circumstances change, we can adjust their floorplan accordingly. We have team members ready to answer questions and checking in with dealers on a regular basis. This flexibility extends beyond just terms and conditions. Our financial solutions have been carefully crafted to cater to our dealers as well! As the market changes, we continue fine-tuning our formula to make it better. As a company, we remain flexible, because we know that needs change.

Our floorplan financing solutions offer flexible term plans with a simple structure and advances up to 100% of purchase price.

Our floorplan financing solutions offer flexible term plans with a simple structure and advances up to 100% of purchase price.

This flexibility works as a chain effect. By having a floorplan, a portion of your funds is freed up to be used elsewhere. Whether it be for business development or employee enrichment experiences, financial flexibility gives you the choice. When you don’t have a customized floorplan, dealership cash flow can easily become tied up in buying inventory. Why not free up some of that cash flow to invest in a marketing campaign, or hire new employees?

Flexibility takes center stage again when it comes to the auction process. Traditionally, the auction process can be time-consuming. Between the time it takes you to verify your funds, clear the deal, and transfer titles, it can all add up. Having a floorplan means that Kinetic takes care of all that on your behalf, quickly and efficiently. This frees up one of your most valuable resources next to cash… time! You’ll be able to spend more time at your dealership selling your inventory, and less time at the auction acquiring it.

These are just some of the ways that a floorplan can offer you flexibility. To learn more about the process, reach out to Kinetic Advantage directly. We can’t wait to help you reach your goals!