Running an independent dealership takes a lot of work; you need to make sure you’re getting the best price on your inventory purchases, have a top-notch sales process, and perform regular maintenance on your lot to keep it looking great.

While there are a lot of dealership floorplans out there to help you run your business, you want to select one that’s going to provide you with the right tools and support to keep your cash flow moving and help with the heavy lifting.

Here are some of the ways Kinetic Advantage provides the best resources to help you run your dealership:

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1. Save Time and Money

Independent dealers are busy, so it’s important to invest in tools that will save you time while also increasing your cash flow. Kinetic+ is a new subscription service that allows dealers to streamline their document handling fees and receive complimentary deferments – all for a flat monthly fee. It also helps dealers easily find the inventory they are looking for through One Auction View (OAV), making the sourcing process quick and simple.

2. Make Floorplanning Easier

Not all floorplans are created equal and that’s why it’s important to select one that’s going to provide you with the latest in technology and innovation so you can do everything from floor your inventory to track down your titles with ease. Kinetic 360 has been designed with the independent dealer in mind and provides them with an intuitive flooring experience so they can complete tasks such as running reports on their inventory to adding and removing user access in just a few simple clicks.

3. Market Expertise

Even if you’ve been an independent dealer for several years, there may be some nuances in your market that you are unaware of, such as sudden shifts in vehicle demand. That’s where a Kinetic Advantage floorplan can give you the upper hand. Kinetic Advantage reps are market experts who keep a pulse on things such as changes in customer preferences or inventory challenges. They view themselves as “partners” in your business and will go above and beyond to keep inventory rolling off your lot.

4. Access to Additional Funds

When you need to pay off a consumer loan on a trade-in or want to take advantage of an off-the-street purchase that has a current lien on it, the last thing you want is to have to tap into your cash flow, potentially impacting your ability to purchase inventory. That’s why Kinetic Advantage’s Consumer Loan Payoff program will handle the payoff for you so can put the vehicle on your floorplan without having to dig into your wallet.

A Kinetic Advantage Partnership Case Study

When you walk into Dream Work Automotive in Charlotte, North Carolina, you don’t feel like you’re in a typical used car dealership – and that’s exactly what Owner TeJay Mauney is hoping for.

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5. Defer Curtailment Payments to Increase Cash Flow

When you need additional cash flow to purchase inventory or make unexpected repairs around your car lot, Kinetics’ deferment program allows you to defer your curtailment payments so you have more money at your fingertips. For dealers who have subscribed to Kinetic+, you’ll receive complimentary deferments as part of your subscription benefits, so you can push off those payments with no additional charge.

6. Funding for Non-Auction Vehicles

If you need to floor an off-street purchase or trade-in quickly, Kinetic Advantage has you covered with their Fast-Fund Program. We know how important it is to keep your cash flow growing and having to wait days to fund non-auction purchases is just another hurdle, so we allow our dealers to floor a vehicle and receive funding as soon as the same day.

7. Transparent Pricing and Fees

Nobody wants to check the status of their floored inventory only to find that they owe unexpected document fees or that they are being charged for additional services they’ve used. Kinetic+ provides dealers with unlimited document handling along with access to all of its services for a low monthly rate so they don’t have to worry about any surprises at the end of the month.

Having the right floorplan provider doesn’t just give independent dealers access to more money, but it can also help them source their inventory, manage their titles, and have access to market experts – all at their convenience. To find out more about how Kinetic Advantage can make your floorplanning experience start the process of applying here!

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